DMK Land Development Projects

Bealls Department Store #59

As part of an infill project at the existing Merchants Crossing Shopping Center in North Ft. Myers, FL, DMK was selected to provide surveying, engineering design and permitting services for the 75,000 SF Bealls Store #59.

DMK worked with Lee County and South Florida Water Management District staff to ensure the proposed development satisfied all of the existing Development of Regional Impact (DRI) requirements.

Residence Inn by Marriot

DMK Associates, Inc. performed overall site planning for a 5 story, 131,000 sq. ft. Residence Inn Hotel in Manatee County, Florida. Site design included general site layout, drainage modeling of existing and proposed conditions using ICPR, and site grading of parking areas, sidewalks and access roads.

Utility work included the design of 1,000 LF of 8" water main and 453 LF of gravity sewer to connect the site to existing facilities. Permitting included an ERP from Southwest Florida Water Management District, Site Plan and Construction Plan approval from Manatee County and water and sewer line extension permits from FDEP.

Redfish Key Condominium

The Redfish Key Condominium Project consisted of DMK's design, permitting and construction support services for the 35 unit complex.  The site was formerly the Mad Sam's Restaurant, also designed and permitted by DMK, giving DMK historical knowledge of this ideal location on Lemon Bay.

The Project entailed the demolition of the existing buildings, parking lot and other improvements plus the design and permitting of the new site.  The irregular shape of the parcel plus the owner's desire to maximize density posed several challenges to the DMK Design Team.  However, through innovative design and by working closely with Charlotte County Zoning staff, DMK was able to meet both Client and County goals for the project.

Services provided during the project included survey (including bathymetric), civil design, permitting and construction support.

Charlotte High School Campus Reconstruction

In August 2004, Hurricane Charley, a Category 4 hurricane, came inland at Charlotte County, destroying Punta Gorda Middle School and Charlotte High School. After the relocation of students to portable classrooms, Harvard Jolly Architects was retained to design two new schools on the 90 acre campus. This new campus would accommodate a total of 3,200 students and was developed in two phases, starting with the Middle School and continuing with the High School.

DMK Associates, Inc. performed overall site planning which included athletic fields, a field house and the football field, a grading and drainage design which included an AdICPR model of existing and proposed conditions for the entire site as well as access roads, sidewalks and parking. Utility work included preparation of site plans showing existing and proposed sewer and water lines, including fire protection, gravity sewers, force mains, lift stations and connection to the City of Punta Gorda water and sewer systems.

Permitting included an ERP to SWFWMD, water and sewer line extension permit applications to FDEP, and an application for service to the City of Punta Gorda Utilities for water and wastewater improvements.

DMK also performed Bid Phase services, MOT and Construction Administration on the project which was completed in 2009.