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DMK offers a complere range of surveying and engineering support services to property managers and homeowner associations. From overall property infrastructure inventory analysis to SWFWMD certification of existing stormwater facilities, DMK provides quality solutions for your community.




Providing Land Development Services has been a cornerstone of DMK for over 40 years, giving the firm the depth of experience and level of expertise needed to approach and form solutions for any development challenge. 


Throughout our 40 years of business, DMK has taken part in several different services for CDD/HOA/CAM's. Here in Florida we have noticed that by stressing the importance of infrastructure maintenance, these associations can decrease their overall financial reserve through proper maintenance. DMK achieves this for our clients through a series of inspections from drainage and pavement to seawall and flood zone evaluations. Ensuring proper functioning of all property infrastructure and finding solutions to any problem areas before they deteriorate any further. 

Many property management companies and homeowner associations own and/or maintain private roadways, common areas and storm drainage infrastructure. These items can be very expensive to operate and maintain. DMK offers a complete range of surveying and engineering support services to property managers and homeowner associations.



  • Surveying

  • Civil Engineering

  • Coastal Engineering

  • Infrastructural Evaluation

  • Financial Reserve Study/Budget

  • Life Cycle Analysis

  • SWFWMD Permitting/Certification

  • Drainage Design/Evaluation/Repair

  • Seawall Design/Evaluation

  • Pavement Evaluation/Repair

  • Construction Management

  • Disaster Plan Preparation

  • Disaster Recovery Management

  • Flood Zone Assessment

  • Land Planning

  • Site Planning

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Stormwater Damage

Stormwater damage can effect everyone from your residential homeowner, Commercial business owner, and government agencies. When damage occurs, it can happen slowly over time or quickly from an intense storm. According to PennState Extension, structural damage is on the most common types of property damage caused by stormwater. Due to storms in Florida, our pier and bridge abutments take heavy loads of stormwater damage causing erosion and physical damage. Drainage systems can also damage by excess sediment runoff causing buildup, subsequently damaging the system and increases flooding. 

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