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Our experience has proven to be invaluable in assisting coastal land owners through very complex permitting regulations enforced by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, The Southwest Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers.




From boat ramps to piers, DMK has the talent to bring your project to a successful finish. Our company has been tackling these types of projects for over 40 years. Being a local company, we understand the importance for water access throughout our community. DMK is here to bring that need to reality.  


 In Southwest Florida, homeowners have to address the inevitable impacts of coastal erosion. We provide risk assessment, analysis of protective measures (bank/beach nourishment and bioengineering to hard solutions such as revetments and bulkheads), design, permitting, and on-site engineering services during construction to ensure that work is being executed as planned and permitted.

Since the early 1980’s, DMK has been a leader in the design and permitting of marine related projects along the Gulf of Mexico, Intercoastal Waterway and rivers in Southwest Florida. DMK’s expertise includes projects located seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL), general permit line, the 30- year erosion control line and within Florida’s aquatic preserves



  • Building Permits Seaward of the CCCL

  • Beach Restoration

  • Canal Dredging

  • Waterway Maintenance

  • Dock and Marina Construction

  • Beach Pavilions and Dune Walkovers

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Home Additions

Woods on Water

Importance of our wetlands

Sarasota County has declared May as Wetlands Month to highlight the importance of wetlands in Sarasota County. Wetlands provide many benefits. Chief among these are wetlands’ ability to filter impurities from water, store water to reduce flooding, keep carbon to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and provide habitat for many precious plant and wildlife species of Florida. Wetlands are also tied to our groundwater system making their existence and health important to drinking water and springs. (Tyrna, 2018) DMK completes Wetland delineation surveys to keep these areas protected from further loss.

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