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From property analysis and conceptual design, to development application and approval, DMK's Land Planning Services can help you achieve your project's goals.



DMK offers complete land planning services for small to large scale Municipal Facility projects. Our staff has extensive knowledge of zoning, land development codes and comprehensive planning, with over 32 years experience in the development review and approval processes of local, state and federal agencies.


DMK successfully represents clients by maintaining good relationships with regulatory and permitting agencies as well as assisting clients through the development review and public hearing process. We understand that working through the development design and review process in an expeditious manner is just as important as the end product. At DMK, we work with our clients through the conception, planning, and design of quality and environmentally responsible projects.


DMK's experience and past success in studies and planning is illustrated by the variety of past projects undertaken, from Waterway Maintenance Feasibility Studies, Parks Planning, to Water Supply Studies. Some of theses studies and preliminary planning projects are as follows:

  • Forked Creek Waterway Maintenance Feasibility Study

  • Placida Community Planning Study

  • Babcock Ranch Water Supply

  • Gulf Gate Neighborhood Improvements

  • Alligator Creek

  • South Creek Bayou


When planning for land development it's imperitive to evaluate the impact the project will have on the environment. Each project is unique and with that comes different factors that need to be addressed, consider: the nature of the development, the project's magnitude and how the land will be used. Things that we consider are:

  • Water Pollution

  • Land Consumption

  • Transportation Sources

  • Connectivity

  • Zoning Ordinances

Lemon Bay  High School


  • Development and Land Feasibility Analysis

  • Concept Plans

  • Master Planning

  • Site an Subdivision Planning and Design

  • Site Plan and Development Review Applications

  • Rezoning, Special Exceptions, Variances

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments

  • Developer Representation, Public Involvement, and Workshops

  • Graphics and Exhibits

Selective Focus on Grass

The Power of a Local Economy

Every 15 years, Sarasota County votes on the "Penny for Improvement" referendum. This referendum is continuously readdressed for the betterment of Sarasota County. A one cent sales tax increase is implemented to fund our local Capital Improvement Plan. These types of projects are imperative to keep up with infrastructure repairs, and our growing population. Concerns such as water quality, environment, traffic congestion and parks are just some of the items that need to be confronted with these funds.  DMK is committed to our community in many ways, volunteering and filling positions on local committees is just the beginning. To better serve our region, we are committed to using local subcontractors and businesses to help our community's economy. 

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