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DMK Associates is a leader in the field of water management engineering and provides a full range of professional services from analysis and concept through design and construction support services.




DMK makes use of these methods because it can reverse cumulative impacts by:

  • Making more efficient use of land

  • Supporting more natural hydrology

  • Providing treatment trains

  • Reducing pollutant loading

  • Providing Florida friendly landscaping

  • Supplementing alternative water supply

  • Reducing energy use

  • Enhancing sustainability


DMK has proven experience in developing practical and cost-effective solutions to meet water management design challenges using innovative and creative ideas. Our engineers understand what it takes to develop cost-effective plans to protect surface water resources through unique flood control solutions. DMK engineers and regulatory experts conduct comprehensive evaluations of watersheds, including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance (Municipal, Industrial and Construction), identification of pollution sources, incorporation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), ecosystem preservation, flood hazard protection and more.


DMK provides specialized engineering services to clients in the private and public sectors by assisting with the planning, analysis, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of water systems and structures. DMK works closely with its clients to satisfy not only their technical requirements but their economic and policy concerns as well.

Low Impact Development is an innovative approach to stormwater management in which an attempt is made to duplicate the hydrologic regime of an undeveloped watershed.

LID design conserves water supply, attenuates flooding, reduces pollutant loading, and helps support natural systems.

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  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling

  • Surface Water Management Reports

  • Flood Plain Modeling

  • Basin Studies

  • Site Specific Drainage Improvements

  • FEMA Grants

  • Permitting

  • Groundwater Modeling

  • Best Management Practices

  • Waterway Maintenance


Major Stormwater Pollutants

There are several ways our stormwater runoff causes pollution to our waterways. One of the best ways to combat this is to be aware of those major pollutants and to take part in making sure those pollutants are minimized as much as possible. Solid waste is the most noticeable and preventable contaminant. To do your part make sure all solid waste is contained for pick-up and join efforts to keep our communities litter-free. Sediment occurs when stormwater washes soil into existing streams causing an imbalance of nutrients, impacted habitats and altered streamflow. An easy way to prevent this from your household or business is to slow down the runoff by adding mulch or rock to your landscaping. Nutrient rich materials (fertilizers), Pathogens (pet/septic waste), and toxic materials (oil spills, etc.)  are all other factors to consider when trying to eliminate the harmful effects of stowmwater runoff.

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