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Current project highlights

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Pinecraft Pedestrian and Golf Cart Bridge, Sarasota

As part of Improving pedestrian access in the Pinecraft area, Sarasota County (County) selected DMK Associates, Inc. to design and permit the project. The scope of work includes connecting the bridge with the existing path north of Philippi Creek and with Graber Avenue south of the Creek, using an 8 feet wide sidewalk. The bridge shall be designed to be above the 100 year flood plain. The design loading shall be for an H-5 vehicle, accommodating golf carts and County maintenance vehicles.

South Gulf Cove Lock, Port Charlotte

The South Gulf Cove Parallel Boat Lock project includes the design, permitting, and ultimately construction phase services of a recreational boat lock system parallel and adjacent to the existing lock facility presently in operation at Cattle Dock Point Road, West Charlotte County.

Port Charlotte Beach Park, Event Center

DMK is currently working on the civil design for a new 20,000 sf event space to be constructed on the premises. This project consists of stormwater, parking, and utility design, permitting and construction phase services.

Previous work at this project site consists of design of additional beach parking, pedestrian access, and improved traffic circulation by adding a new direct access drive for boat trailers, stromwater system, permitting and additional site design for native landscaping, and an outdoor events lawn capable of hosting a portable stage for live music was included in the design.

DMK also designed and permitted construction plans for the Port Charlotte Beach Sailing Center. Project included an enclosed workshop, covered boat storage with gravel parking surface, grass parking for boat trailer storage, security fencing, a covered pavilion for outdoor trainings/events and improved pedestrian walkways and access to the electric boat hoist. 

Phase 2 Lakewood Ranch Stewardship District Academic Avenue & Intersections

Phase two of this project has reached it's pre-construction meeting, early September of 2022. Phase two of this project consist of services for an intersection design and permit assistance with the FDOT for the intersection of the School Avenue Spur and State Road 64 as well as the intersection of School Ave. and Uihlein Parkway.


Phase one included the construction of four lanes of pavement with closed drainage and a median. DMK mission was the planning and design of utilities installed during roadway construction to including a 10” water/fire line and 6” sanitary force main with associated Manatee County lift station. Our services included surveying, design, permit assistance, bid support services, limited services during construction and closeout services with both Manatee County, SWFWMD and the FDOT.

Sarasota High School Multi-Use Recreational Trail and Fence

The Sidewalk and Multi-Use Recreational Trail was designed to enhance the existing infrastructure for pedestrian circulation around the perimeter of the high school. Design features included ADA compliance, pavement marking and shared-use bicycle lanes. FDOT permitting was necessary along US 41 for use of Right Of Way (ROW) to widen the existing sidewalk to a 10ft width.

The security fencing that DMK had designed for the high school was designed around the entire campus. During the project kick-off meeting it was important to get input from essential personnel such as the school Principal, grounds maintenance crew, athletic department, etc. This type of collaboration is essential to the design of a successful project. The final design included pedestrian, utility and vehicular access points. The products used for the fencing varied, depending upon location, from decorative aluminum fencing, vinyl coated chain link, to a pre-cast concrete wall (Permacast). The Permcast wall was installed along the North property line to ensure full privacy for residents and students alike. 

Town Center, Longboat Key

DMK Associates, Inc. has partnered with Hoyt Architects and the Town of Longboat Key to complete their town event center design located at Town Center Green.  The final design of the park will include an event stage/pavilion and a food truck lot all connected by a winding trail to be surrounded by native landscaping. For this project, DMK has taken the tasks of stormwater modeling, civil design, the utilities for restrooms and water stations, permitting, and construction phase services. This project broke ground November 7th, 2022.

Horseshoe Cove Riverbank Stabilization

DMK is currently contracted by Horseshoe Cove RV Resort for their Riverbank Stabilization and As Built services for additional dock construction. During this project the Braden River has been dredged and its byproducts used as the material needed for the shoreline stabilization. Approximately 1,680 LF of Eco-Filter Tube has been planted with native wetland vegetation. This project also consists of the removal of 17 existing docks and the reconstruction of 10 individual docks for residents. The surveys needed for this project consisted of Transects, Wetland Line and the Mean High Water Line. DMK is also responsible for Construction Phase Services, currently underway.

Douglas Jeep, Venice

As many of you may have noticed the old concrete piping building near Center Road and US 41 is now being converted into the newest Douglas JEEP Dealership. The dealership is contracted through JE Charlotte with Cornel Christea as the superintendent.  DMK is responsible for the programming and planning, site design, permitting and construction engineering inspection services. Venice Area Beautification, Inc. (VABI) is also partaking in this project by creating an Urban Forest. Urban forests are created by using native plants and trees to restore wildlife habitat and to create a community friendly place to relax and enjoy the surroundings.  This project is still under design and permitting. 

Pelican Point Golf & Country Club
Pelican Point Golf & Country Club
Wellfield Park

Pelican Point Golf & Country Club Pickle Ball Courts

DMK is adding four pickleball courts, two shade structures, a bicycle parking area and sidewalks connecting the new facilities to the existing cul-de-sac. The design consists of an additional of 9,693 SF of new impervious area including 8,640 SF for the pickleball courts and 1,053 SF for two shade structures, bicycle parking area and sidewalks.  The area where the new amenities will be constructed include a portion of an existing golf tee box and grass area between the tee box and the existing tennis courts.

Sarasota County Croquet Club at Wellfield Park

The project consists of the evaluation of the ultimate build-out consisting of four additional croquet courts, a restroom, clubhouse, shade structures, veranda and storage facilities.   The project will be constructed in multiple phases.  

Suresafe Storage, Englewood

DMK is currently taking on a 30,000 SF storage facility off Indiana Avenue in Sarasota County. This project was contracted as commercial site design and development, encompassing services from preliminary studies to construction phases services. One of the best features of DMK is our in-house survey department, they enable us to  turn these projects from preliminary studies to design in a timely manner. 

Guardian Storage, Englewood

Currently under construction is a 52,000 sf Storage Facility off Indiana Avenue. The scope of this project consisted of the Utility design (potable water and sanitary sewer), drive aisles, parking and stormwater infrastructure, and permitting with the Englewood Water District (EWD), Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). 

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