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Construction Engineering Inspection

By using proven construction management and inspection performance procedures, DMK has successfully guided a diverse range of projects, both pubic and private, to completion. We emphasize the importance of properly scoping a project, improving time efficiency, resource allocation and management, and getting the project done in line with the proposed schedule. 





Positive community relations is often key to a project's success. DMK works directly with the public agencies and communities on construction phasing to minimize disruptions to the project area. Our open communication and project reports help keep all stakeholders informed on all progressive milestones. 


When it comes to experience DMK has worked hard to build a credible reputation. Construction Engineering and Inspection Services usually come hand in hand with our larger projects. Together, the engineers at DMK Associates bring over 90 years experience to each and every project. DMK's tenured engineers will help you bring your design to fruition with ease and consideration to your timeline. 

DMK's review of design and construction methods focuses on improving and shortening the construction schedule, in turn saving client's time and money. We are able to accomplish this by implementing Best Management Practices. Additionally, our Construction Engineering and Inspection team's experience, along with strong agency relationships allows us to meet specific project deadlines and requirements.

A major focus during Construction Engineering and Inspection Services is proper communication between Contractor and Engineer. Under and over communication can be harmful to the overall project, by wasting time or not forming a clear understanding of the tasks needed for successful completion. DMK is well versed with finding that happy medium and allowing both engineer and contractor to do their job to the best of their ability. Strong team building is a the root of every project.



  • Construction Management

  • Neighborhood Enhancements

  • Roadway Design

  • Drainage Design

  • Public Works Programs

  • Infrastructure Coordination & Strategies

Building Blocks

Project Organization

DMK's Construction Engineering and Inspection services are led by our experienced project managers. They are well versed in the technical aspect of each project they're involved in. Whether they have designed the project themselves or simply performing the CEI services, they bring their technical expertise to every project. Despite this knowledge we understand the importance of project organization. The ability to guide a construction project from start to finish and ensure all technical aspects are completed as planned is a delicate balancing act of all parties involved. With this knowledge, DMK emphases the importance of project planning, organization and communication. With these three factors, we can efficiently bring projects to their completion with the lease amount of possible risk factors.

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