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Land Development has been a cornerstone of DMK for over 40 years, giving our firm the level of expertise needed to approach and form solutions to any land development challenge or possible set-backs. With DMK engineers, Investors and Developers can be rest assured knowing their end product will be of quality design with schedule and client budget in mind. 




With the understanding of ROI being a top priority for land development projects, DMK has invested in our staff, ensuring only the best practices when it comes to project management. 


DMK's Staff is well qualified to determine the realistic development opportunities and constraints for each project and prepare a sustainable site plan based on proven engineering and design principles. We are able to offer clients the stability of a firm that has developed strong ties with the communities we serve over the past 40 years. Our staff alone has a collective 90 years experience in Land Development in Southwest Florida.


The DMK Team regards all land development projects as a group effort, in which the technicians, permit personnel, and Engineers will use their experience and expertise in working together to provide a quality project for our clients. This team mindset doesn't stop with our internal staff, we include our subcontractors, contractors, and clients to ensure collaboration and efficient communication. 

DMK Associates offers complete Land Development services ranging from residential subdivisions to full-scale resorts. These services include master planning, site grading and drainage, coastal construction, utilities, stromwater management, water supply, sewage disposal, construction management and inspection services.



  • Land Planning

  • Site Planning

  • Commercial Development

  • Institutional Development

  • Educational Facilities

  • Resort/Marina Development

  • Golf Course Development

  • Hotel Development

  • Religious Facilities

  • Assisted Living Center

  • Structural Engineering

  • Construction Management

  • Disaster Recovery Management

  • ADA Compliance Inspections

Blue Pathway

ADA Compliance Inspections

The department of Justice revised the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations requiring that those elements in existing facilities for which there are neither technical nor scoping specification in the 1991 Standards, must be modified to the extent readily achievable to complety with the 2010 Standards. Elements that must be reviewed include:

  • Residential facilities and dwelling units

  • Amusement rides

  • Recreational boating facilities

  • Exercise machines and equipment

  • Fishing piers and platforms

  • Golf facilities

  • Miniature gold facilities

  • Play areas

  • Saunas and steam rooms

  • Swimming pools, wading pools, and spas

  • Shooting facilities with firing positions

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