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Whether you require an assessment of an aging system or planning for new systems, DMK has the professional staff with practical, hands-on experience to assist public agencies and private entities in meeting their utility needs. 




Throughout our 40 years of existence we have built relationships with the following municipalities:

  • FGUA

  • Englewood Water Authority

  • Gasparilla Island Water Authority

  • Sarasota County

  • Charlotte County

  • Longboat Key


DMK is acutely aware of the need for expansion of sewer and water services to keep pace with the population growth in Southwest Florida. Our firm offers complete engineering services to accomplish these goals, including Utilities Planning, Water, Wastewater and Reuse design and permitting, Utilities relocation and replacement, CEI Services, Public Information Sessions and full, in-house, Surveying Services.

DMK's utility experience encompasses several different consulting engineering services for public utilities and public works infrastructure projects. We offer high-level technical engineering support services such as rehabilitation, relocation, replacement, and construction services for potable and raw water, wastewater, reclaimed water. DMK also provides services to efficiently maintain and operate potable and raw water, wastewater, and reclaimed water utilities, streets, sidewalks, drainage systems, etc. 



  • Water Distribution 

  • Wastewater Collection and treatment

  • Hydraulic Modeling

  • Hydrologic Modeling

  • Pumping Facilities

  • Construction Management

  • Sanitary Sewer

  • Reclaimed Water

  • Potable Water

  • Reuse Irrigation

  • Fire Suppression Water Lines

Sewage Filtration

District Goals for Reclaimed Water Facilities

Within the Southwest Florida Water Management District, 16% of all water utilized is drawn from reclamation facilities. This water helps us save potable water by substituting drinkable water with highly treated wastewater for uses such as irrigation and industrial processes. Currently, within the SWFWMD, reclaimed water usage is as follows: 6,600 acres of agriculture, 30 cooling towers, 199 schools, 165,000 residential irrigation customers, 11 power plants, 198 golf courses, and 521 parks. Within the next 20 years, SWFWMD intends to reuse 75% of all available reclaimed water flows. Riverwood, a Port Charlotte based, deed restricted community, and client of DMK was awarded the Audubon Green Community, in addition to SWFWMD's 100% utilization All-Star Award! 

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