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Bayfront Park Coastal Engineering


One of DMK's favorite projects to take on are those that contribute to the health and wellness of our communities. We take great pride in being able to design Parks/Recreation and their related facilities. Please see our featured projects below to see our latest contribution.



DMK is involved with several Parks and Recreational Facility improvements. Currently, we are working on ADA improvements in Shamrock Park right here in Venice. These types of improvements will help bring more families together despite their physical differences. Community inclusion is a shared value of both the surrounding Counties and DMK Staff.


Throughout our decades of local experience we have built relationships within Charlotte and Sarasota County, allowing us to truly understand their mission and expectations. We've been able to build working relationships with related staff and look forward to our communities future improvements.


DMK is proud to partake in the beautification of our local parks. We are a part of the "Adopt-a-Park" Program ran by the City of Venice. Each year our company will  set aside four days, one for each quarter, to pick-up Ruscelletto Park. To extend our values to others, we invite the public as well as our interns to come out and help us.  


Knowing the root purpose of these improvements, it's important to solicit public input. DMK is well versed with holding public workshops and gaining the public's perceptions, recommendations, or informing communities about proposed  changes. Communication is imperative for all successful projects and we try to keep all stakeholders involved whenever it's needed. 

Bayfront Park Playground


  • ADA Compliance Inspections & Design

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Control Surveys

  • Sidewalk/Boardwalk Design

  • Stormwater Management

  • Tree Surveys

  • Playgrounds

  • Structural Improvements

  • Utilities Design

  • Pier Design and Rehabilitation

  • Parking Design

  • Sport Fields & Court Design

  • Recreational Facility Design

  • Multi-Use Recreational Trail (MURT)


Snook Haven was a project of DMK's that was finalized in 2018. It was recently featured in the Venice Style Magazine (July 2022) in an article named "Stay Cool! -So many Ways to Enjoy Hot Summer Days" by Carol Bruyere. Among ways to stay safe while heading outdoors in Florida's summer months, they talked about the Myakka riverfront boat access and kayak launch that was designed by DMK Associates. Snook Haven also has additional parking designed by DMK for those who need to leave their vehicles and trailers during their Myakka River trip. There is something rewarding when you see these projects bringing joy to peoples lives. The park has other amenities such as available camping spaces and waterfront dining under Spanish moss-covered oak trees that provides an unforgettable dining experience. Not to mention great food!

Snook Haven Water Access
Longboat Key

Bayfront Park, Longboat Key, Sarasota County

DMK Associates, Inc. assisted in developing a park plan for the Town of Longboat Key. Bayfront Park was an existing facility complete with ball field and community meeting room. The existing park has been in need of updating for years and the Project Architect had been selected to provide complete, biddable plans for modernizing the park amenities. Services performed for the Town included planning, environmental consulting, design and construction related consultation. DMK was requested by the team to provide all services related to land surveying, site planning, stormwater management, seawall and dock permitting, utility designs and permitting, assistance with FDEP permitting for activities seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line and general coordination with the Architectural and Planning group charged with obtaining public and local input.

In developing plans, public involvement was necessary to make sure that the end product is meaningful and useful to the surrounding community. In assistance to the design team, DMK provided insight and expertise regarding public utilities, stormwater management, site development, grading and project paving. Coastal engineering, design, and permitting by DMK included FDEP ERP permitting for docks, kayak launch, and boardwalks as well as FDEP Coastal Construction Control Line permitting for emergency vehicular access to the beach, pedestrian access ramp, and observation deck.

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